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 Applicant- Selken the Wingless

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Selken the Wingless
Selken the Wingless

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PostSubject: Applicant- Selken the Wingless   Applicant- Selken the Wingless Icon_minitimeFri 13 Feb 2015, 02:23

- Character Name
Selken the Wingless

- Name

- Age / Country
20/M/Wisconsin (USA)

- Vocation and Current level
Master Sorcerer, 205

- How long have you played Tibia?
Since March 2006, on and off though.

- How much do you play Tibia on a daily basis. (Hrs per day)
A reasonable estimate is of course acceptable.
Fairly variate, though if I'm doing other things I usually leave my character to manasit, so I'll guess I'm on anywhere from 4 hours-10 hours, though perhaps only manasitting, hunting maybe 2 hours of that, or more for group/roshamuul hunts.

- Do you have any other characters?
Please list each character.
On Fidera:
Selken the Betrayer
Selken the Traitor
Selken the Ruineer
Ashari Yaren
Ashari Valen
Ashari Suffuri
Ashari Selken
On Amera:
Ash Scout
Ashen Six
On Aurera:
Seku the Wingless
Suffuri the Wingless
Aureran Playwright
Apothecary Druid
On Magera:
Lord Suffuri

- Your past guilds.
Please list each one and why you decided to leave.
Academy of Might and Magic (Amera): I left as I recall to help Eskelvar reform Council of Avalon
Council of Avalon (Amera): Left when we merged with Rising Dragons Amera
Rising Dragons Amera: Left due to Dragonas removing me over a disagreement with the Rising Dragons Magera leader (whose guild disbanded due to turmoil including him and his wife trying to cheat some people)
Rising Dragons Magera: Left to form my own guild with some people I had met on that Server ( a blog detailing the guild a bit from one of the vices, lots of character profiles, event stuff, etc)
Silent Earth (Magera, my guild): Left due to not playing on that server, merged the remaining members with another guild.
Delirium (Amera): Joined to park my character on Amera (Selken the Wingless at the time), left due to leaving the server.
Delirium (Aurera): Left due to not playing on that server, though the guild disbanded to merge with some war guilds so I just didn't bother retaining a position.
Yotsubas(Secura): Left due to transferring to Fidera.

- Have you ever received a notation/Banishment?
In 2007 I was banned for something akin to "I'll take that character" in a joke in gamechat, for account sharing; it's not on my record and you'd have no way of knowing that, but I figure I'd might as well be honest.

- List at least 5 of your closest friends. <- I assume this is Tibian people
Fuuzetsu (Secura)
Sark of Avernus (Secura, Sarky the Betrayer/Sarky the Wingless on Fidera)
Serkorion/Sephi Skywar (Fidera)
Videras Retroras (Secura, old GM)
Dragan Defeater (Amera, old friend)
Altox/Zanko (good friend, used to run TibiaRP)
Mayon Egg (Mayonegg on Secura)

- Do you have any friends in the guild? If so list them.
Negative. :/

- What do you think you will contribute to the guild as a person?
Another body in the war for leveling, perhaps a good hunting partner or just someone to chat with; yep.

- What do you consider to be your "Strong Points" and your "Weak Points" in your personality:
My strong points are my dedication to a team, a desire to always improve myself and focus on goals; the ability to analyze situations and remain relatively calm, having giant hands. When it comes to conflict (such as over spawns) I try to talk it out, perhaps negotiate a shorter time (if they're wanting to invade my spawn), or simply making concessions if necessary.
My weak points would essentially play off my strong points, I can be unforgiving towards other's mistakes if they don't seem to make an effort to overcome them; I tend to expect others to want to constantly improve themselves even if it perhaps isn't what they desire to do. I can be a fairly sarcastic person, and people have told me I sound condescending at times. I'd say this came from the time I spent raiding in WoW, likely.

- Give one example (In Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community.
Back when I still lived in my hometown that I attended highschool at, Many different times I was asked to help move people's stuff (for their housing changes). As a relatively large guy (6'3"), this should be no surprise, but it's a bit taxing doing it constantly, for people you don't really know, especially when they mislead you as to the number/time frames for moving furniture, but I buckled down and helped until the job was done, without complaining to them.

- Why would you like to become a Divine Justice Member?
It's an English speaking guild, said to be the most respected on the server, so I'd like to flock with birds of a feather.

- Have you read and understood the Code of Behavior?
Indeed, though I do hope I'd be able to report guild members without having to seek permission if I caught them botting.

Thank you for your time in reading/going over my application, as there are many like it, and it isn't exactly a short or concise piece.
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: Applicant- Selken the Wingless   Applicant- Selken the Wingless Icon_minitimeFri 13 Feb 2015, 02:30

Application noticed.

A member of the Royal Council or Delita Heirall will contact you in-game to finalise your application.

Thank you for applying! Smile
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Re: Applicant- Selken the Wingless   Applicant- Selken the Wingless Icon_minitimeFri 13 Feb 2015, 03:23

Application accepted.

Thank you for applying and welcome!! Very Happy

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19:06 Empalix [157]: alyssa is god plx
20:19 Ivy Phoenix [234]: chinua > superman
20:05 Daedron Horus [190]: my god you are awesome

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PostSubject: Re: Applicant- Selken the Wingless   Applicant- Selken the Wingless Icon_minitime

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Applicant- Selken the Wingless
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