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 Application - Zellous Vradica

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Zellous Vradica

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PostSubject: Application - Zellous Vradica   Application - Zellous Vradica Icon_minitimeMon 08 Jun 2015, 11:12

- Character Name
Zellous Vradica

- Name

- Age / Country
28 / USA

- Vocation and Current level
Elite Knight Level 107

- How long have you played Tibia?
I have been playing Tibia on and off since 2001

- How much do you play Tibia on a daily basis. (Hrs per day)
A reasonable estimate is of course acceptable.
I have a full time job, a wife, child and two dogs, I also own my own home. I try to play 3 times a week for 1-4 hours per session.

- Do you have any other characters?
Please list each character.
Here is my account as listed (keep in mind that almost every single one of these characters have skills that average around 95/89 or ML 56:
1. Arta Ven Deyja
Paladin - Level 8 Fidera
2. Elagon
Master Sorcerer - Level 20 Fidera
3. Fortuitous Pyre
Elite Knight - Level 30 Unitera
4. Ilumeo Ven Deyja
No Vocation - Level 16 Fidera
5. Ivan Marque
Royal Paladin - Level 49 Fidera
6. Mitheral Hyda
Knight - Level 16 Vinera
7. Qumulus
Knight - Level 8 Fidera deleted
8. Solus Skolir
Knight - Level 11 Fidera
9. Sylas Martin
Elite Knight - Level 45 Fidera
10. Sytric
Paladin - Level 26 Fidera
11. Titus Zavaroc
Elite Knight - Level 63 Fidera
12. Zell Greylock
Knight - Level 28 Aurera deleted
13. Zellous Dawngaard
Druid - Level 9 Fidera
Zellous Vradica
Elite Knight - Level 107 Fidera

- Your past guilds.
Please list each one and why you decided to leave.
My friend and I have only ever had our own guilds and they never lasted long because I don't have the time needed to devote to running them.

- Have you ever received a notation/Banishment?

Rule Violation Record Details
Date: Apr 14 2015, 15:45:05 CEST
Last Edit Date: Apr 14 2015, 15:45:05 CEST
Acknowledgement Date: Apr 15 2015, 00:03:45 CEST
Character: Zellous Vradica
Severity: Mild
Reason: offensive statement
Comment: Offensive statements are a violation of Tibia Rule 2a
Statement: "I took your mom alone" (Apr 14 2015, 04:17:31 CEST, in Private Message)

- List at least 5 of your closest friends.
I do not have 5...
Dietrich Rosengaard

- Do you have any friends in the guild? If so list them.
Unfortunately I do not know anyone personally in the guild.

- What do you think you will contribute to the guild as a person?
I will provide unwavering friendship within the guild chat, am able to provide knowledge about Tibia regarding items, hunting areas and how to accomplish quests.
I have the ability to act as a moderator if the need should arise, I would greatly like to see the guild remain active and helpful to all who need help.

- What do you consider to be your "Strong Points" and your "Weak Points" in your personality:
Strong points consist of:
Weak Points:
Honest to a fault

- Give one example (In Detail) of you showing teamwork skills or helping the community.
I have never helped the community. That being said:
If you do invite my friend and I, please help support us with our stream on 6/20.
I also have been hunting with my friend Dietrich Rosengaard since 2001, we both love Tibia. We do not however love being harassed in any way or by any definition of the word. We do love Justice.

- Why would you like to become a Divine Justice Member?
I really enjoyed reading the header/description of your guild. I would like to give it a try. I hope that it is active during the time we are online.

- Have you read and understood the Code of Behavior?
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Royal Council
Royal Council

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Application - Zellous Vradica Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Zellous Vradica   Application - Zellous Vradica Icon_minitimeMon 08 Jun 2015, 11:33

Application noticed.

Delita Heirall or a member of the Royal Council will contact you in-game for a short interview.

Thank you for applying! Smile
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Application - Zellous Vradica
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